List Voting Coin

Total vote in this month VOTES

Token Vote Action


  • Everyone is able to submit coin/token to vote however, only approved coin will show on the list.
  • Everyone is able to vote and re vote. 0.1 BST is needed for every vote.
  • Minimum 1 vote and Max 10000 vote each submit.
  • The BST will be automatically deducted from your account when you vote.
  • For now only ERC20,TRC20,BEP20 can list on this vote
  • No expired time for every vote , vote will continue count until reach 500K Vote.
  • Your token will list in Maximum 7 Day after reach 500K Vote.
  • If in 90 days from approved project failed to reach 500K Vote, Project will remove from the voting page, and all vote is expired.

Additional rule

  • Winner Token will be paired with ETH.
  • Fee 10K BST for additional pair.

BST Alocation from vote

  • 5K BST for lucky winner.
  • 20K BST for add liquidity at swap pools
  • 25K BST for future marketing