Newsletter JULY 2019

Hello our beloved #Bitstenians! This is our monthly newsletter for July 2019! .

  • Firstly, we are happy to announce that we just reached 19000 registered users for THANK YOU!
  • It has been a long and bumpy ride since our ICO in December 2017.
  • In early 2018 we had issues with our first platform, and eventually had to stop that.
  • We reopened with a better foundation then we had with the previous platform in the second half of 2018. A few key players chose to leave the team in 2018.
  • Beside that, things where moving on well and we reached a major milestone when we released a fiat gateway to our exchange! It’s a big step, thank you for your support!
  • Then came the next blow in the end of 2018. STNs blockchain was subject to a 51% attack meant that a malicious hacker mined over 6 million STN from the month of October-18 to Jan-19 and flooded the market at Cryptopia, coinexchange and Bitsten with cheap STN, sold at any price. Effectively, we had to do something to stop this before it was too late, as a consequence the price of STN fell from around 1000 Satoshi to 100 Satoshi because of this selloff.
  • We chose to do a swap to save the project; we left the STN blockchain and “migrated” to the more fast and secure Ethereum network and ERC20 under a new token name Bitsten Token= BST. We conducted the swap from Dec 30-2018 until Feb 3rd -2019.
Here comes the good news:
  • Today we have a total supply of 13.5 million BST. All the supply are in circulation.
  • We have just reached 19k signed up users to our platform
  • The bulls are back, so we can all expect more investors to enter the crypto world shortly
  • Our Profit share program works smoothly.
  • Our exchange works smoothly.
  • Our team of 7 people is motivated and working hard to make Bitsten a success

So what are we missing?
  • Exposure!
  • Public awareness of what the benefits of holding BST gives its investor.
  • CMC
  • A clear roadmap of where we are heading
Are we fixing this? Yes we are!
  • We are in the process of starting a large marketing campaign on Telegram. We have watched other project do this very successfully, and we will copy their strategy to boost Bitsten awareness. This is at a relatively low cost and will allow us to do more!
  • We will be holding regular trading competitions and many more incentivized reasons for YOU to help us gain more users and make Bitsten grow. We are working on referral programs and youtube competitions.
  • Coinmarketcap is nowadays the most important thing for any crypto project. If you are not on CMC you don’t exist is pretty much the reality. Therefore we have been working hard to ensure you, our #Bitstenians that this will happen! We are now only 2 steps away from making this a reality.
  • We need to list BST at one more exchange that is already listed on CMC (we are currently in dialogue with a few options). And once that listing happens, we have been given a minimum required daily volume for us to get listed on CMC.
  • We already have the solution to get the required volume. So to make a long story short, Bitsten exchange and BST token are both VERY close to being listed at CMC.
What will CMC listing mean for Bitsten?
Many things!
  • It will mean that we are playing with the “big boys” now. Only a couple of hundred other exchanges have succeeded with being listed on CMC (and it will only get harder for new projects to succeed to get listed on CMC)
  • Coins and Tokens will want to get listed on Bitsten and we can start earning money from listings!
  • We will be in a strong position to create join marketing campaigns with larger communities.
  • We will grow organically as many traders will want to sign up and trade at Bitsten for the arbitrage opportunities that inevitably happens with multiple exchange listings for tokens and coins.
  • We will be able to attract large players, people that traders with 10s or even 100s of BTC.
  • We will be only the second Indonesian exchange to ever list on CMC (after Indodax).
We will outline our plans in a form of roadmap moving forward. We aim to have that prepared soon after we have achieved CMC listing for our project!

THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT! And there will never be more then 13.5 million BST in circulation!!

Thank you from #TeamBitsten to All #Bitstenian!
We won’t be getting here without your endless support!

PS: Please support our social media and help spread the word about Bitsten and BST.

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